Saturday, May 10, 2008


I bought lilacs last weekend from Doc Lilac- 2 Miss Kim to replace the nasty Barberry bushes from the front. 1 each: Margaret Fenicchia, Beauty of Moscow, Paul Thirion, Silver King, and Adelaide Dunbar (left to right across the back fence). I got a great deal: All for $136 most are pretty healthy sizes. I think Doc took pity on me-I have caviar taste on a burger king budget. He knows I'll be back next year, I just need to rip out some more ugly bushes. I think he enjoyed having someone stopping by every 2 weeks since February asking a million questions! He's a great guy to talk to, very knowledgeable and has a wonderful sense of humor. You can visit his site at

I went to opening day of the farmer's market last week. Not a lot of veggies available yet-mostly lettuces and onions. I talked to a guy that grows Japanese Maples-I'm eyeballing either "Green Cascade" or "Kamagata" I came home to do some research. I have another space to fill after ripping out some more Barberry bushes. I think the weeping Green Cascade will look nice there. The prices at the farmers market are far more reasonable than ordering online and they are better than nursery prices. Plus the guy is local so if I have questions or need help he's just a few miles away.

One of the ladies in my pottery class brought me divisions of her primroses. I put them in the ground on a rainy day and they seem to be doing well. The flowers didn't travel well but the plants themselves look healthy.

I went again to the Farmer's Market today-it was packed! I should have gone first thing in the morning but I was lazy and went back to bed. I got some great deals: 5 pink Bleeding Hearts for $20, 2 big creeping phlox for my mom for $14, and the killer deal (I think) was a bag full of 14 bearded iris rhizomes and 4 Alliums in pots for $8. I know this isn't a good time of year to be moving irises around but I figure I'll keep them trimmed back so the energy gets focused on the roots and not on the flowers. The Alliums are looking a little peaked. I'll keep my fingers crossed. I didn't get the Japanese Maple today the guy didn't have the green cascade, I'll try to remember to call him later in the week to remind him to bring it.

What's blooming this week: Forsythia is really on it's way out. Cherry trees are pretty much depetaled. Magnolias are done. Daffadils are done, Tulips are out as are forget-me-nots and lily of the valley, Lilacs are just starting to open (Docs grandson said Highland park is peaking right now) Lilac Festival started yesterday. The leaves on most of the trees are almost fully out. Dandelions are out in full force!


Barbee' said...

Hi there, I found you on Blotanical and came over to read awhile. I started at the newest and read all the way down to here. Got so tickled about Bodie under the deck and nice clean husband, that I had to read that part aloud to my husband who is sitting nearby reading the paper.

Thoughts I had along the way:
Tomatoes: Green Zebra, that is a new one me. I had just peeled tomatoes for lunch and as I read about yours, even though I had washed my hands, the tomato fragrance was floating up and I could "smell" your tomatoes.

I try to grow heirloom seeds, too. Although, I am an older gardener and am not doing much of that these days.

I was looking at plants at the market last year and a woman and I began to chat about them. I told her I bought some of the hellebores the week before. She said she thought it was ok to buy plants... "We could be out buying shoes!" :)

Thanks for the tip about the Veronica being a butterfly magnet. I love cut-and-come-again zinnias. I grew some a few years ago, but they got powdery mildew so bad I haven't grown them since. They didn't look so bad from a distance such as from the kitchen window, but up close... oh, my!

You are so lucky to live in lilac world. (I call it.) They don't do as well down here, but still I would like to have more than the 2 that I have. Well, I've enjoyed my visit and your blog very much. Will go now, I need to start the green beans to cooking. We got them at Farmers' Market.

I likE plants! said...

There's not many things that I'm disappointed that I can't grow. But this is one I miss from Michigan!!!
Sure wish it would grow down here.