Sunday, July 27, 2008

Not my garden

Look what I found in my FIL's butterfly garden today- not only a butterfly but a Giant Swallowtail butterfly. The largest butterfly in N.America (I looked it up). His butterfly garden is great, it's not very big but it's a nice jumble of butterfly loving plants, we watched the bees and butterflies coming and going all day. I aspire to that kind of garden.
Picture was taken with my new camera- Canon Powershot A590is. I wanted to get another Kodak Easyshare and support the local economy however the Kodak, despite taking great pictures, seems to have a major problem: the motor in the lens tends to conk out, then work, then conk out again-unreliable. The fix is about expensive as a new camera. I was hoping in the intervening years between first camera and now they would have fixed the flaw, but after a little research that doesn't seem to be the case-I googled it and came up with recently posted issues. My mom, MIL and SIL all have the Kodak Easyshare too and all have had a problem with getting the lens to extend and retract. Not good when you are trying to capture memories! Not to mention butterflies. So DH and I used our anniversary money and after a lot of research settled on the Canon. So far I like it. I'm all about supporting the local economy but I'm also all about not throwing money away. Kodak shows a lack of respect to it's customers by not fixing the problem in the past 6 years.

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Anonymous said...

What a magnificent butterfly! It's seemed rather low on them this summer in my part of the UK.