Monday, March 15, 2010

Springing Forward...

This past weekend we moved the clocks forward and I saw my first robin of the season- 2 sure signs of spring. 2 more tomatoes sprouted: Black Cherry (yay!) and Kelloggs Breakfast. I plunked an addtional seed in the pots that haven't sprouted yet and took off the humidity dome so the ones that did sprout don't get too funky. I'm keeping the heat mat on for now. I turned the fan on this morning. I'll keep it on for a few hours and then put the aluminum foil reflectors back on around the seedlings. I adjusted the timer on the lights to 14 hours. Tomatoes were looking a little skinny. Peppers and eggplants are starting to show their true leaves. Onions are looking pretty good. I trimmed them back too. I have plenty of peppers going (including the ones that got mixed up) I just got Hungarian Yellow Hot Wax seeds from Swallowtail Gardens (along with Bee Balm, Blue Asters and Black Knight Delphinium seeds) I'm going to start some of them too. What the heck! It's pretty wet here. All the snow has melted and it's been rainy. Our yard is a swamp, everywhere we walk it's like stepping on a sponge. Standing water in the back yard. The Southeast part of the veggie garden is usually flooded but I think by building up the soil and adding a lot of shredded leaves has alleiviated that some. The forecast looks pretty good so I'm hoping we'll be able to plant the peas and fava beans this coming weekend. A note about the picture-someone asked if I had posted pictures of my pottery. I've never taken pictures of my work until this weekend. Here's a mug. I like the glaze and the handle is really comfy. I wish it were bigger. This is the 1 lb mug. I also made 1.5 and 2lb mugs. the 1.5 size seems to be a good fit for me. I need to get some bisquing and glazing done.

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